Kun tarvitaan konkreettiset toteuttajat

References - Roofing and roof terrace work

We renovate sheet metal and tile roofs and renew felt roofing, as well as glass and steel roofing. We also renew and repair roof terraces. Other work has also been done on some of these sites, such as facade plastering and renewing of windows.

As Oy Kolmihonka

The raising of roofs, thick plastering of facades and renovation of windows of three buildings

Address: Riistapolku 4, Espoo
Schedule: 2016

As Oy Ruoholahdenkatu 10

Construction of penthouse apartments and new roofing

Address: Ruoholahdenkatu 10, Helsinki
Schedule: 2016

As Oy Albertinkatu 17

Glazing and roofing of penthouse apartment terraces

Address: Albertinkatu 17, Helsinki
Schedule: 2015

As Oy Lars Sonckin Tie 3

Renovation of roofs

Address: Lars Sonckin Tie 3, Helsinki
Schedule: 2014

As Oy Lumpeenkukka

Repair and refurbishment of roof terraces

Address: Lummetie 8, Vantaa
Schedule: 2014

As Oy Albertinkatu 17

Penthouse apartment skylight renovations

Address: Albertinkatu 17, Helsinki
Schedule: 2014

As Oy Pasunakuja 2

Roof renovation work

Address: Pasunakuja 2, Helsinki
Schedule: 2012

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