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References - Balcony work

Balcony work includes, for example, washing and painting, heavy concrete repairs, balcony renewal, glazing, installation of railings and water control work. Some other work, such as the plastering of facades and other renovations, has also been done on some these buildings.

As Oy Tuusulan Mahlakulma

Balcony repair work

Address: Kalliopohjantie 1

Schedule: 2017

Before and after

As Oy Tykistökapteenintie 2

Balcony repair work

Address: Tykistökapteenintie 2, 00340 Helsinki
Schedule: 2016

Bostads Ab Elisabetsgatan 19

Balcony renovation work

Address: Liisankatu 19, 00170 Helsinki
Schedule: 2016

Company: As. Oy Keltamotie 11

Balcony renovation work

Address: Peltolantie 6, 01300 Vantaa
Schedule: 2016

As Oy Paanala

Renewal of ventilation balconies

Address: Vespertie 6, 00320 Helsinki
Schedule: 2016

As. Oy Artturi Kannistontie 10

Renewal of balconies and insulation plastering of facade as well as renewal of windows

Address: Artturi Kannistontie 10 Helsinki
Schedule: 2016

Yhtiö: As Oy Kaarnatie 3

Renovation of balconies and renewal of element grouting

Address: Kaarnatie 1-5, Helsinki
Schedule: 2015

As Oy Haukilahdenranta 13

Renewal of balconies and facades

Address: Haukilahdenranta 13, Espoo
Schedule: 2015

As Oy Vattuniemenhovi

Repair of balcony brick linings

Address: Nahkahousuntie 7, Helsinki
Schedule: 2015

As Oy Kelojousi

Renewal of balconies, and balcony glazing and railings

Address: Jousenkaari 11, Espoo
Schedule: 2015

As Oy Vallikuja 4

Renewal of balconies and facade repair work

Address: Vallikuja 4, Vantaa
Schedule: 2015

As Oy Kultahiekanpuisto

Balcony renovations

Address: Solvikinkatu 5, Helsinki
Schedule: 2015

As Oy Pähkinämaa

Balcony renovations, and renewal of balcony glazing and railings

Address: Pähkinätie 12, Vantaa
Schedule: 2014

As Oy Mannerheimintie 106

Balcony repairs and plastering work

Address: Mannerheimintie 106, Helsinki
Schedule: 2014

As Oy Mäkelänkatu 36

Balcony renewal work and facade renovation work

Address: Mäkelänkatu 36, Helsinki
Schedule: 2013

As Oy Kuusitie 2

Renovation of ventilation balconies and plastering repair

Address: Kuusitie 2, Helsinki
Schedule: 2012

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