Juho Kinnunen nominated as CEO of Concrete Urakointi Ltd.


Juho Kinnunen has been appointed CEO of Concrete Urakointi Oy

Juho Kinnunen (M.Sc.) has started as the company's CEO as of February 21, 2022. He has diverse experience in various areas of construction business, e.g. contracting, construction management and development tasks.

The CEO's core task is to create and implement a renewed strategy for the company, creating even better capabilities for customer experience, quality, responsibility, competitiveness and employee satisfaction. Juho reports to the company's Board of Directors.

Aki-Matti Lassila, the former CEO and the company's main shareholder, will continue to work for the company as a construction manager, focusing on project management.

More information:
Aki-Matti Lassila, 045 844 7005, aki.lassila@concrete.fi
Juho Kinnunen, 050 543 8035, juho.kinnunen@concrete.fi